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How to control the pressure in the operation of screen printing machine

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How to control the pressure in the operation of screen printing machine

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As we all know, screen printing is composed of several factors: screen plate, scraper, ink, packaging printing table and its substrate. Using the basic concept that part of the hole ring can penetrate the ink on the screen board and part of the hole ring can't penetrate the ink on the non paper board to carry out packaging printing. In order to exceed the actual effect of packaging printing, it is necessary to control the pressure of screen printing. How to control the pressure in the packaging and printing of screen printing machine? The following is a detailed introduction by the staff of Asia Pacific elite manufacturers:

In screen printing, a suitable and even packaging pressure is the key to get high-quality screen printing products. When the pressure of packaging and printing is too small, the printing plate can not touch the substrate and can not perform packaging and printing, resulting in the situation that the packaging and printing documents and drawings are not detailed, the ink thickness is uneven, etc.; when the pressure of packaging and printing is too large, it will cause the deformation of the metal screen is too large, the packaging and printing patterns are blurred, and the damage of the screen plate and the scraper is relatively serious, and other common packaging and printing faults. If the packaging printing pressure is not symmetrical, there will be a large number of common failures of publicity materials. Therefore, it becomes the main problem to be solved in the screen printing processing process to manipulate the elements endangering the packaging printing pressure and improve the packaging printing pressure.

The effect of packaging and printing pressure of screen printing machine is to ensure that the screen plate and the printing surface are in touch with enough lines, and the lower the pressure is, the better. Because of the greater pressure, Although the scraper is in good contact with the screen, the squash level of the wire mesh and the level of the scraper into the hole ring are high, so the ink transfer amount is small, and the scraper deformation is more and more big, which will cause great harm to the oil filling situation, and will also make the screen deformation expand, and the sliding friction between the scraper and the screen will also increase, which will not only improve the friction of the wire mesh, but also harm the packaging printing The line scraping rate of the brush.

In the whole process of screen printing, the scraper and screen plate touch each other horizontally and cause pressure, so the scraper will be damaged when it is applied for a certain frequency. Together, in the application, it is inevitable that the blade will impact the scenery, so the blade will show scars, and damage the copying effect after the blade is damaged; therefore, before copying, it is necessary to check the verticality, sharpness and shortcomings of the blade sealant strip wound.

After the scraper is damaged, it needs to be sharpened for reuse. The sharpening is divided into technical sharpening and mechanical equipment sharpening. Generally speaking, the sharpening effect will be harmed due to the focus and pressure of the scraper. In order to ensure the verticality of the blade, a piece of sandpaper can be pasted on a piece of flat wood board, and a straight wall board with the sharpening board can be erected along the grinding direction. The blade quality of the mechanical equipment grinding is even and steady, which is better than the technical grinding. The blade after grinding should also be inquired in practical production.

The scraping pressure of the squeegee and the delivery of the ink have an immediate contact. The larger the scraping pressure is, the larger the delivery volume of the ink is. The spreading of the squeegee causes the expansion of the business outlets, which makes the marks blurred when it is not optimistic. The smaller the scraping pressure is, the smaller the delivery volume of the ink is, which will show that the business outlets are not clear or the marks are not detailed.

How to control the pressure in the packaging and printing of the left and right screen printing machines is introduced here in detail. There are many elements that can harm the uniformity of the pressure in the screen printing, such as the elasticity of the wire mesh, the mesh spacing, the deformation of the mesh frame and the uniformity of the pressure in the packaging and printing of the wire mesh.

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