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Precautions for operation of automatic screen printing machine

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Precautions for operation of automatic screen printing machine

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The first thing we should pay attention to is not to let too much water and oil into the air pressure system, so as to effectively prevent the cylinder failure and extend the service life of the cylinder. The second thing is to ensure that the compressed air is dry and clean. The best way is to add a freeze dryer to the automatic screen printing machine.

The next part is the combination of three points. To ensure the application pressure is within 5-7kg / cm, it is necessary to check whether the oil quantity of converter oil cup is sufficient every day. If the relief valve is unnecessary for a long time, it should be pushed to the rear end. Special oil for air pressure dispatching group shall also be used in the operation of air dispatching. While improving the printing speed and automation of the screen printing equipment, we should also ensure outstanding operation functions. Generally, the printing machine covers a large area, and a muscle sleeve control panel shall be set to ensure that the operator can operate in each primary working position. Each operation vertical plate shall be suitable for people's action habits, the working position shall be convenient for investigation, the adjustment part shall be intuitive and easy to touch, etc.


In order to ensure the safety of operators and equipment, the automatic screen printing machine has not only no safety protection equipment, but also safety protection equipment. Once the machine breaks down, it can automatically shut down.

It is required that the automatic screen printing machine equipment can maintain its original accuracy through long-term use, that is, the machine has a long service life, which is of great economic significance to the country and enterprises. To achieve this, parts materials and heat treatment process should be selected reasonably to ensure the wear resistance of parts; in order to improve the motion accuracy of the transmission system, each cooperation surface should have reasonable shape accuracy of several bodies, outstanding cooperation space and smooth equipment, etc.

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